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Are you ready to improve an unattractive tooth with a tooth contouring treatment, which is also known as a tooth reshaping treatment? If so, good for you! You’re on your way toward an aesthetic and beautiful smile. To help you prepare for the treatment so you can feel relaxed in the dental chair, our dental team at Brenner Dental of Park Slope is happy to explain the steps involved in treatment.

First, your dentist, Dr. Leonard Brenner, will take some dental X-rays. This is necessary to determine the thickness of the enamel. It’s important that the enamel is thick because your dentist will need to remove some of it during the treatment. To begin the procedure, your dentist will use a special hand piece to shave the enamel and reshape it. Once it’s completed, he will place a fluoride varnish on the tooth to strengthen the enamel, seal the tooth, and prevent sensitivity.

Anesthesia won’t be necessary because this treatment is simple and painless. It’s hardly invasive, so you will likely not feel a thing. However, if you feel nervous in the dental chair or if you’re uncomfortable undergoing treatment without a numbing agent or sedation, our dental team will be more than happy to cater to your needs so you can have the most comfortable appointment possible.

Do you have any questions about tooth contouring treatment in Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York? If so, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our dental team! All you need to do is dial 718-638-6607 and we will be thrilled to help you in any way we can, even if it’s just by answering your questions!