September 8, 2019 – Dental Insurance – Make Your Dental Appointment Now or Lose Your Benefits

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The end of 2019 is approaching and if your dental insurance policy has a yearly maximum (the most money your dental insurance plan will pay towards your dental treatment within a given year), any unused benefits written in the policy will be lost to you.

To save hundreds of dollars on your dental care, let us help! Here are several reasons, in addition to the obvious fact of staying healthy, to make your dental appointment at Brenner Dental of Park Slope now:

• Most dental insurance policies are written with a yearly maximum that renews every January. If you have unused benefits, they will not rollover into the next calendar year, so you should be sure to use these before the end of the year. Maximize the use of your dental insurance policy.

• Many insurance policies are written with a deductible (a dollar amount you must pay out of pocket – again this is usually a yearly deductible) before your insurance will pay for any dental treatment. This deductible will apply to you again in January 2020. Schedule your dental treatment before December 31, 2019, and save this deductible.

• If you are paying dental insurance premiums even if you are not going to the dentist, don’t do that!! Even if you don’t need dental treatment now, a regular visit helps you prevent any early signs of cavities, gum disease, and oral cancer (just to mention a few).

• Traditionally, many businesses use the beginning of the year to raise their prices or fees. A dental office, while health is their primary concern, is a business with expenses like any other business. When their cost of providing you a quality service increases, it causes them to increase their fees. This is another reason for you to schedule now and get any treatment completed before the end of this calendar year.

Finally, delaying your dental treatment is risky, and it’s sure to be more extensive and expensive down the road. Dr. Brenner and his stall at Brenner Dental of Park Slope are experts in supporting you in achieving your dental health goals. We look forward to hearing from you!!