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If you continually put your teeth at risk for dental damage, sooner or later it will occur. This includes playing contact sports. If you are involved in sports and fail to accurately protect your teeth and gums, all your hard work in maintaining your teeth can be destroyed in seconds. if you’re involved in a high-risk activity that can damage your jaw, you also need to protect it as well. Always make sure you’re wearing the necessary safety gear, whether its mouth guards, face masks, helmets or any other safety equipment. The more equipped and prepared you are, the less likely you are to suffer dental damage.

One of the key oral health risks associated with dental damage is due to the use of mouth jewelry. Mouth jewelry may seem like an option for enhancing your look, but be aware that there are several oral health risks to using them. Tongue rings can be hazardous to your health as placing them can cause nerve damage and burst blood vessels. Having an oral piercing increases your risk for infectious diseases such as hepatitis and endocarditis as well your risk for oral inflammation. It is possible for the jewelry to shift to cause chipped and cracked teeth or to even break off and become choking hazards. If you do decide to pierce your lips or tongue, talk to your dentist first.

Several oral health risks are associated with lifestyle choices. At some point in time, you may find yourself pressured to smoke or use drugs. Tobacco and drug use can lead to a lifetime of oral health general health problems. Smoking causes the immediate risks of bad breath and stained teeth. Eventually, it can lead to tooth loss and cancer. Illicit drugs can also be hazardous to your smile.

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