October 22, 2019 – The Reason a Crown was Recommended

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There are many reasons/situations when a crown is recommended as the best solution to restore a problem situation in the mouth. It can be used to restore teeth broken down, prone to cracking, splitting through the roots and to fix worn and discolored teeth. A crown is highly recommended following a root canal treatment to protect the tooth. Crowns are also the treatment of choice as an attachment for a bridge, a covering for a “dental implant” and to replace a missing tooth.

Is a crown the best solution for your specific dental restorative situation? Usually the answer is “yes,” as often the alternative is tooth loss which then requires extensive dental treatment such as surgery and replacement.

Here are answers to questions you may have if a crown has been recommended as a solution to your dental problem:

•Will my crown look natural? With no hesitation the answer is a definite “yes.” If a single crown is needed it will be made the match the color of your teeth. In cases where multiple crowns are needed the color will be selected taking into consideration your age, skin tone, hair color, etc.

•Does the dental procedure hurt? We pride ourselves in pain-free dentistry. That being said every patient is different and some may feel slight sensitivity to hot and cold.

•How many appointments will be needed for a crown? Usually it takes two appointments; the first appointment is to prepare the tooth, take an impression and to make and place a temporary crown. The second appointment is to fit and cement the permanent crown.

•Is a crown a permanent restoration? This requires a two part answer:

a. With proper care a crown can last indefinitely, but there are situations that cause damage to the natural tooth under the crown; grinding, clenching, loosening cement, etc.

b. While a crown cannot get cavities, the underlying tooth can. This usually happens when proper oral hygiene is not practiced. Protect your crown and the underlying tooth with regular visits to your dentist.

By scheduling regular dental visits with Brenner Dental of Park Slope, we most often can prevent a dental situation from becoming serious enough to need a crown. But, if a crown is needed, Brenner Dental of Park Slope is your best solution! Call us at 718-638-6607 to learn more.