July 6, 2019 – The Why to Replace Missing Teeth

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Your mouth is designed to function with all the spaces filled, with twenty-eight interacting teeth. When spaces are left empty, at first nothing happens but soon the teeth on either side of the space begin to collapse inward, and the opposing teeth start to move causing abnormal tooth alignment, which can cause other complications such as:

  • Bone loss; the jaw bone that was supporting the area where the tooth or teeth were is no longer being stimulated, which can lead to bone decay and even muscle atrophy
  • Shifting teeth, which accelerates gum recession, tooth decay, etc.
  • Difficulty chewing certain foods, which could cause various digestive problems
  • Don’t wait too long to replace missing teeth. Besides the complications mentioned above, the longer you wait to replace missing teeth, your treatment options are reduced and the more costly replacement becomes. Early replacement allows you choices such as dentures, implants and bridges. A question you may be asking yourself is, “Which replacement option is best for me?” Every individual circumstance is different. It is best to seek the expertise of your clinician to ascertain which is the best option for you.

    Here at Brenner Dental of Park Slope, Dr. Brenner will go over the pros and cons of each individual option for you. The decision will depend on your unique situation.