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Ideally, each one of your teeth on your top arch should meet up with its corresponding teeth on the bottom arch for maximum efficiency in chewing food. Uncorrected alignment issues with two or more teeth can result in excessive wear and tear over time, eventually compromising your teeth.

While your tooth enamel damage might seem minor at first, it can eventually lead to tooth sensitivity and even decay. If caught early when the attrition is minor, your dentist, Dr. Leonard Brenner and the dental staff at Brenner Dental of Park Slope might be able to repair it with a simple dental filling

If the attrition has grown in size, however, or threatens a critical location of your tooth, you might need a crown. This is an even more probable course of treatment if the tooth formerly had a cavity repaired.

A crown is basically a replica of your original tooth enamel which is anchored onto an abutment made from the healthy dentin layer within the tooth. The material your dentist suggests for the crown depends on its location in your mouth and its primary function. We will usually recommend a porcelain crown for a tooth that will be visible in your smile. This special dental material can be shaded to match the other teeth in your mouth so that it looks like a completely natural tooth.

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