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Once upon a time, there were people that got anxious during dental procedures. OK, so there still are those who absolutely hate to visit the dentist. To be serious, dental surgery in the early days was indeed distressing. Lack of powerful anesthetics and the fact that dental tools may have reminded people of another less reputable profession, usually carried out in a medieval dungeon, may have been the reason for their fear.

Mercifully, today’s modern dentistry cannot be compared with the techniques of the past. Progress made in technology, procedure and sedation have made dentistry a virtually painless occupation.

While few patients actually relish appointments for any type of medical procedure, pain should never again be the cause for someone to miss an appointment for proper preventative dental care–or even emergency care.

Unfortunately, there are those who fail to control their anxiety in the chair. In these instances, it is good to have a dentist that has had training on how to handle the fearful. They will have multiple ways to help reduce pain, anxiety and fear.

Lack of Control:

Losing control of a situation is at the root of stress for most patients. Needless to say, laying on your back, completely still, mouth open, unable to talk, while someone scrapes and drills on your teeth is not a recipe for calm.

For this reason, dentists are now removing stressful situations in their offices and making accommodation for the anxious patient. Projecting a calm manner and producing an environment of serenity. TVs on ceilings help distract during procedures and offices are less hospital-like, more casual, etc.

Anesthesia and Sedation:

Now, there are more options to sedation that your dentist can use. Plus, dentists today will more readily administer those options to keep a patient stress-free in even the most mundane of procedures. From laughing gas, to anti-anxiety medication, whatever you need can be administered if needed.

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