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A consistent daily oral hygiene regimen is essential for reducing your chances of suffering from cavities and gum disease. This calls for brushing your teeth each morning and night as well as making sure to thoroughly floss at least once per day.

Inconsistent oral hygiene habits can promote tartar formation on your teeth near the gumline. As it starts to accumulate your chances of suffering from gum disease can increase significantly.

Many people struggling with hardened tartar and gum disease also have a bad habit of forgetting to floss each day. Finding the one that you like best will help keep you motivated to floss every day.

Nylon and extruded monofilament are the two most common materials used for dental floss. Some oral hygiene product manufacturers also include an added flavor and offer dental floss with a waxy coating. These minor differences do not have any impact on the effectiveness of the floss, they just make the floss more appealing to different personal preferences.

When you floss it’s important to focus on cleaning between each of your teeth as well as along the gumline and behind each of your back molars.

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