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Gum disease, also called periodontal disease, is a degenerative condition primarily caused by bacteria found in plaque. Treating periodontal disease in the early stages can often halt its progression and prevent significant damage to your health. At Brenner Dental of Park Slope we provide treatment for periodontal disease based on your needs.

Treatment of periodontal disease in the early stages usually includes additional professional cleanings and improved home care. Often it includes some antibiotic treatment along with scaling and root planning (deep cleanings).

If left untreated at this stage eventually the gums pull away from the teeth, often resulting in bone loss, tooth loss and gum tissue recession. Once periodontal disease has progressed Dr. Brenner may recommend special periodontal surgery.

At Brenner Dental of Park Slope treatment is based on your specific needs. Visit our office so we can determine your oral health needs or call us at 718-638-6607.