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Are you suffering from jaw and facial pain and are looking for treatments to alleviate the condition? Oftentimes, jaw and facial pain can arise due to various issues including tenderness of your jaw or discomfort around your ears, headaches, or pain when chewing or biting down on any kind of products. However, due to the wide litany of causes of jaw and facial pain, you often need to visit our dental office for a thorough exam, which may include the use of x-rays.

Once our dentist determines the exact cause of your jaw and facial pain, appropriate treatments can be given. Oftentimes, issues linked to jaw and facial pain include the following:

– oral health conditions such as bruxism, toothaches, periodontal disease, or a TMJ disorder
– sinus problems and issues
– oral accidents and injuries that have left you with dental damage
– arthritis

If you are suffering from jaw and facial pain and the cause of your discomfort has been found, our team will be able to provide you with the necessary care and treatments to ensure that discomfort will be minimized. Common treatments include the following:

– medications including the use of muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory drugs
– antibiotics
– exercises designed to strengthen your jaw
– mouth protectors and mouth guards
– root canal therapy
– tooth extractions
– periodontal treatments

If you would like Brenner Dental of Park Slope to bring you in for treatments and assessments for jaw and facial pain, please schedule an appointment at our dental office in Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York, by calling us at 718-638-6607. Dr. Leonard Brenner and our team will be glad to help you achieve the results you are looking for.