August 8, 2019 – Back to School – Don’t Forget Their Dental Checkup

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Back to school is coming up and although you have a long “to-do list” don’t forget your child’s dental checkup. Dental health is an important part of your child’s overall health; it is the best defense against not only their oral health but their overall health. It’s proven that many diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, etc. can be prevented with good oral health.

Well-maintained oral hygiene is the best protection against:

1-Cavities are a common problems with children mainly because of their diets. While you as a parent work at giving your child a healthy diet, it is almost impossible to prevent them from eating a variety of sugary items, processed foods and fast foods which are all dangerous to their health. Dr. Brenner suggests regular dental checkups as a preventive measure.

2-Gum disease is serious. While gum disease is more likely an adult problem, we at Brenner Dental of Park Slope are frequently finding it in children. Again, the best prevention is regular dental checkups for your child.

3-Orthodontics at an early age insures that as the mouth develops, it does so properly by ensuring your child a perfectly set and healthy jawline. It is reported that orthodontic treatment is more successful when done at an early age.

These problems can be prevented when your child visits the dentist at regularly scheduled intervals. Remember, early childhood is the time to develop and include dental visits as part of a consistent routine in their lives.